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years: preprint, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, before 2009

arXiv-ed preprints

  • Brandvain, Y., and G. Coop. Sperm should evolve to make female meiosis fair. [preprint -- biorXiv link]







Before 2009



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(6/24/14) -- Read our new paper about the transition to selfing in Mimulus nasutus, when and where it split from M. guttatus, ongoing introgression between these species, and the action of natural selection against introgression.

(5/21/14) -- Read our new theory . about why many female animals wait for fertilization to complete meiosis.

(4/3/14) -- New paper --Toads with fast evolving mitochondria are not bad moms. (Link).

(3/12/14) -- New paper --Gene interactions in the evolution of genomic imprinting. (Link). This was a fun collaboration between Jason Wolf -- a major advocate of the co-adaptive theory, and myself who played the skeptic. I think the result is a careful and fair look at the theory.

(12/10/13) -- Dena's new paper -- "Budding " speciation is common in Mimulus. (Link)

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