mimulus spp

to better understand the origin and maintenance of species, and the variation within and among them, we combine theory and experiment, molecular and transmission genetics, as well as comparative and meta-analyses.

our  research focuses on plant speciation and the roles of hybridization, adaptation, divergence, conflict, competition, mating system evolution, and geographic isolation in generating and maintaining plant diversity.

we aim to integrate these questions and approaches in a diverse collection of emerging model systems with awesome biology and some genomic resources. we are currently working with mimulus, capsella, helianthus, and silphium and [potential] students, postdocs and collaborators are encouraged to propose taxa best suited to their interest.

the brandvain lab is a proud member of the department of plant biology at the university of minnesota – twin cities. We are also members of evolTWIN – evolutionary biologists in the twin cities.

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(7/22/15) -- New paper from Yaniv's postdoc led by Alisa Sedghifar develops theory for the mixing of genomes in spatial contact zones.

(6/30/15) -- Excited to welcome Adam Herman (from Dan Schoen's group) into the lab. Welcome back to the US! Adam will be working on perreniality, hybridization and other things in sunflowers

(5/18/15) -- Dena's new paper shows that selfing species have larger ranges than their outcrossing relatives.

(4/10/15) -- A nice review of the Mimulus meeting that we organized with Josh Puzey last summer by Alex Twyord, Matt Streisfeld, David Lowry, and Jannice Friedman . Fond memories, and a nice reminder to get back to Mimulus research and community building .

(2/13/15) -- Now in evolution ahead of print. Our new paper with Graham Coop shows that given the opportunity, sperm will evolve to enforce fairness in female meiosis. Blogged about at mathbionerd.


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