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in preparation for our journey to mn, I have been reading and discussing papers with dena grossenbacher and amanda gorton.

every week we discuss a chapter from Joshua Schimel’s Writing Science, share a paper we read independently, and work through a paper together.

here’s our schedule to date:

  • fishman et al. in press @evolution: chromosomal rearrangements and the genetics of reproductive isolation in mimulus (5/9/13)
  • ruhsam et al. in press @evolution: patterns of mating, generation of diversity, and fitness of. offspring in a geum hybrid swarm (5/16/13)
  • streisfeld et al. PLoS Genetics 2013. divergent selection drives genetic differentiation in an R2R3-MYB transcription factor that contributes to incipient speciation in Mimulus aurantiacus (5/23/13)
  • dena’s dissertation chapter on geography of speciation in Mimulus (5/30/13)
  • yaniv’s figures /outline about the genomics of speciation in M. nasutus / M. guttatus (6/6/13)

we’re off to a great start so far!!!!!!!!!!


About Yaniv Brandvain

I'm a population geneticist in the department of plant biology at the university of minnesota


One thought on “reading group

  1. Awesome!

    Posted by April | July 1, 2013, 5:11 pm

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(10/11/17) -- In our new paper Heath Blackmon shows that sexually antagonistic selection can lead to the breakdown of Y chromosomes by favoring inversions that cause aneuploidy.

(9/14/17) -- Postdoc Adam on the unusual S locus of Leavenworthia in New Phytologist [paper].

(9/1/17) -- (former :( ) Postdoc Heath Blackmon starts as an assistant professor at Texas A&M.

(8/30/17) -- Annual lab trip to the state fair! [pic].

(7/1/17) -- Our paper showing that self‐compatibility is over‐represented on islands is out in New Phytologist [link].

(5/1/17) -- It's fun to be the popgen / natural variation part of a team aiming to domesticate Silphium . See our master plan and rational in our Crop Science paper.

(2/6/17) -- Yaniv is Honored to be named a McKnight Land Grant Professor. Read the college announcement here.

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