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TOMORROW [thursday 3.13.14] kicks off the beginning of our cross-departmental evolution group gathering at the University of Minnesota. I am excited to meet folks from across the university and help shape evolutionary studies at UMN. We will meet at 4:30 in Ecology 150 this week, where we will discuss our vision for this group, future meeting times, and exchange ideas about evolution.

I am off to buy snacks and drinks for the event, which we hope to host every week. The basic idea is to share ongoing work, and ideas in a low-key setting with plenty of time for unstructured discussion. All interested folks are encouraged to attend.

Here is the ‘official’ e-mail we circulated

Evolution Enthusiasts,

There is an incredible community of people working on evolution at Minnesota across a variety of departments.  To increase our interactions we would like to start a weekly meeting in which faculty, postdocs and graduate students can present and get feedback on current or future research directions.

We will kick things off Thursday March 13th with an organizational meeting at 4:30pm in Ecology 150.  We will use this time to get a sense of who is interested in participating, discuss the format that best serves the community, and set an initial schedule.  Food and beverage will be provided.  All are encouraged to attend.

Thursday, March 13
Ecology 150


Yaniv Brandvain, Emma Goldberg, and Will Harcombe

* I propose the moniker, evoluTWIN (i.e. evolution in the twin cities). Emma is rooting for evilTWIN (i.e. nefarious evolution in the twin cities. Or Darwin twirling his mustache). Brainstorming better names is encouraged. We are also soliciting logo designs.


About Yaniv Brandvain

I'm a population geneticist in the department of plant biology at the university of minnesota


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(10/11/17) -- In our new paper Heath Blackmon shows that sexually antagonistic selection can lead to the breakdown of Y chromosomes by favoring inversions that cause aneuploidy.

(9/14/17) -- Postdoc Adam on the unusual S locus of Leavenworthia in New Phytologist [paper].

(9/1/17) -- (former :( ) Postdoc Heath Blackmon starts as an assistant professor at Texas A&M.

(8/30/17) -- Annual lab trip to the state fair! [pic].

(7/1/17) -- Our paper showing that self‐compatibility is over‐represented on islands is out in New Phytologist [link].

(5/1/17) -- It's fun to be the popgen / natural variation part of a team aiming to domesticate Silphium . See our master plan and rational in our Crop Science paper.

(2/6/17) -- Yaniv is Honored to be named a McKnight Land Grant Professor. Read the college announcement here.

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