Yaniv Brandvain

I'm a population geneticist in the department of plant biology at the university of minnesota
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The Brandvain Lab (that’s us), at the University of Minnesota – St Paul. We combine population and quantitative genomic theory with the analysis of genomic, phenotypic, and comparative data sets to address evolutionary questions. The postdoc(s) will work with Yaniv (and collaborators) to help develop and execute a research project related to our areas of interest … Continue reading

Apply – Tenure track Botanist position at UMN!

Disclaimer this post represents MY opinions, NOT those of the University of Minnesota, the Plant Biology Department, or the search committee. My department (plant biology) at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities is hiring a tenure-track botanist (advert here). Here I’ll tell you about why (tl/dr it’s awesome here), when (tl/dr nov 3oth), and how (tl/dr go to this link, … Continue reading

Speciation with gene flow OR speciation and gene flow

In recent years, the rise of non-model pop genomics paired with the development of robust and powerful tests of gene flow [both genome-wide (e.g. f3 tests, D-stats, and rolloff [read here] and treemix) and across in genomic regions (e.g. hapmix, finestructure)] has allowed us to explore the extent of gene flow in in diverged species pairs. … Continue reading

the joys of preprint servers

In 2011 I began submitting papers to preprint servers well before they where formally accepted [or even submitted] for publication. At the urging of Graham Coop [who co-founded  Haldane’s Sieve], I submitted our first co-authored paper to ‘ Quantitative Biology > Populations and Evolution ‘ section of arXiv [ http://arxiv.org/abs/1103.5917 , now available at Genetics … Continue reading

Mimulus meeting

Hello Mimulus enthusiasts. The 2014 Mimulus meeting is rapidly approaching. We will begin with an informal gathering on the evening of June 18th and will have two full days (6/19 and 6/20 up to the Gould lecture at evolution) of lightning talks, updates about Mimulus science and infrastructure, informal science discussion and a lot of … Continue reading


TOMORROW [thursday 3.13.14] kicks off the beginning of our cross-departmental evolution group gathering at the University of Minnesota. I am excited to meet folks from across the university and help shape evolutionary studies at UMN. We will meet at 4:30 in Ecology 150 this week, where we will discuss our vision for this group, future meeting … Continue reading

Open letter to Bill Murray

Dear Mr. Murray, As a faculty member in the department of plant biology at the University of Minnesota and a patron of the arts, I have been of two minds with regard to your impact.  I have, of course, appreciated your many contributions to humanity over the past years, and believe that in many ways … Continue reading

brandvain lab receives a warm welcome

Well, warm in spirit if not temperature. To overcome the subzero temp and celebrate our arrival, my friend, colleague, and now postdoc, Dena Grossenbacher hosted a pizza party. our deep dish recipe marks the first product of our collaboration. Dena and I are getting settled in and are excited to interact with folks in the … Continue reading

viewing the chromosomes that founded a selfing species

In our new paper (published in PLoS genetics) I use patterns within and among founding haplotypes to learn about the the selfing plant, Capsella rubella. Selfing plants reproduces predominantly by fertilizing their eggs with their own pollen. The ecological and evolutionary impacts of this mode of reproduction (including the impact of selfing on establishment, and … Continue reading

reading group

in preparation for our journey to mn, I have been reading and discussing papers with dena grossenbacher and amanda gorton. every week we discuss a chapter from Joshua Schimel’s Writing Science, share a paper we read independently, and work through a paper together. here’s our schedule to date: fishman et al. in press @evolution: chromosomal rearrangements and the genetics of reproductive … Continue reading


(10/11/17) -- In our new paper Heath Blackmon shows that sexually antagonistic selection can lead to the breakdown of Y chromosomes by favoring inversions that cause aneuploidy.

(9/14/17) -- Postdoc Adam on the unusual S locus of Leavenworthia in New Phytologist [paper].

(9/1/17) -- (former :( ) Postdoc Heath Blackmon starts as an assistant professor at Texas A&M.

(8/30/17) -- Annual lab trip to the state fair! [pic].

(7/1/17) -- Our paper showing that self‐compatibility is over‐represented on islands is out in New Phytologist [link].

(5/1/17) -- It's fun to be the popgen / natural variation part of a team aiming to domesticate Silphium . See our master plan and rational in our Crop Science paper.

(2/6/17) -- Yaniv is Honored to be named a McKnight Land Grant Professor. Read the college announcement here.