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(2/6/17) –Yaniv is Honored to be named a McKnight Land Grant Professor. Read the college announcement here.

(5/15/16) — New postdoc, Alison Wardlaw, arrives from Toronto and heads directly to the State Fair [pic] Not shown – alison’s trip to the mall of america.

(5/15/16) — In his new paper, postdoc Adam Herman digs in to the historical action of selection on losing incompatibility in Leavenworthia [read the paper in Evolution].

(5/15/16) — New paper with Alisa Sedghifar and Peter Ralph shows that hybrid incompatibilities should be flanked by large ancestry blocks in hybridizing populations [read the paper in Molecular Ecology].

(4/12/16) — So proud of and happy for former postdoc, current collaborator, and friend forever, Dena Grossenbacher, who will be starting an assistant professor gig at Cal Poly San. Luis Obispo. CONGRATS DENA!

(4/10/16)Molly Schumer and I uncover challenges in identifying interspecific incompatibilities from admixed populations, Interpret your data with care [read the paper in Molecular Ecology].

(12/16/15) — In Dena’s new paper (with Ryan, Emma, and Yaniv) shows that selfing does not facilitate co-occurrence between close relatives.

(7/22/15) New paper from Yaniv’s postdoc led by Alisa Sedghifar develops theory for the mixing of genomes in spatial contact zones.

(6/30/15) — Excited to welcome Adam Herman (from Dan Schoen’s group) into the lab. Welcome back to the US! Adam will be working on perennially, hybridization and other things in sunflowers

(5/18/15)Dena’s new paper shows that selfing species have larger ranges than their outcrossing relatives.

(4/10/15)A nice review of the Mimulus meeting that we organized with Josh Puzey last summer by Alex Twyord, Matt Streisfeld, David Lowry, and Jannice Friedman . Fond memories, and a nice reminder to get back to Mimulus research and community building .

(2/13/15)Now in evolution ahead of print. Our new paper with Graham Coop shows that given the opportunity, sperm will evolve to enforce fairness in female meiosis. Blogged about at mathbionerd.

(1/5/15) –Azira Rivera awarded North Star STEM Alliance Undergraduate Research Fellowship for her project on compensatory evolution of indels for the spring of 2015! Way to go Azira!!!

(1/5/15)Our preprint on bioRχiv. Shows that selfing plants have larger and more northerly ranges than their outcrossing relatives, and that ranges of selfing species increase with split time from their most recent outcrossing relative. Dena led an awesome team with Ryan Briscoe Runquist and Emma Goldberg. This is our first UMN-authors-only paper!

(12/9/14) — In our new essay in PLoS Biology we argue that evolutionary theory can be very useful even when it doesn’t generate easy to test predictions, because it can test complex chains of logic. This was a fun paper to write with Emma Goldberg, Jeremy van Cleve, and Maria Servedio’s Lab.

(11/20/14) — Cesar Torres awarded best poster at the UMN Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students for his work on admixture in horses. Congrats Cesar!! [see Cesar’s poster ].

(11/1/14) Dena’s new paper demonstrates that pollinator mediated competition keeps the ‘bi’ in Mimulus bicolor.

(6/24/14) Read our new paper about the transition to selfing in Mimulus nasutus, when and where it split from M. guttatus, ongoing introgression between these species, and the action of natural selection against introgression.

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(10/11/17) -- In our new paper Heath Blackmon shows that sexually antagonistic selection can lead to the breakdown of Y chromosomes by favoring inversions that cause aneuploidy.

(9/14/17) -- Postdoc Adam on the unusual S locus of Leavenworthia in New Phytologist [paper].

(9/1/17) -- (former :( ) Postdoc Heath Blackmon starts as an assistant professor at Texas A&M.

(8/30/17) -- Annual lab trip to the state fair! [pic].

(7/1/17) -- Our paper showing that self‐compatibility is over‐represented on islands is out in New Phytologist [link].

(5/1/17) -- It's fun to be the popgen / natural variation part of a team aiming to domesticate Silphium . See our master plan and rational in our Crop Science paper.

(2/6/17) -- Yaniv is Honored to be named a McKnight Land Grant Professor. Read the college announcement here.

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