PROST! In German it means cheers, In Romanian it means simple minded. In Serbo-Croatian it means common, plain, vulgar, ignoble [ref].

All meanings are compatible with our new summer reading group modeled after Jeff Ross Ibarra’s R.E.H.A.B. group. We read a paper, order drinks / snacks, and informally discuss the paper. No one ‘presents’ or defends the paper. Suggest a paper by e-mailing Yaniv.

This term we meet on Tuesdays at 5:00 pm at Nico’s Tacos. 


THIS WEEK 4/2/19. Limits to Genomic Divergence Under Sexually Antagonistic Selection link

3/26/19. Parallel genetic evolution and speciation from standing variation link
2/05/19 Pop gen notes. ch 1 & 2. link. MEETING AT NICOS TACOS 5:00 pm
1/11/19 Interpreting polygenic scores, polygenic adaptation, and human phenotypic differences. link . Docs tweetstorm 1 [link]   Docs tweetstorm 2  [link]
12/14/18 Gene flow mediates the role of sex chromosome meiotic drive during complex speciation. link
12/7/18 Genetic architecture and selective sweeps after polygenic adaptation to distant trait optima. link
11/30/18 Recent dust up over the neutral theory. Jensen et al [link]  vs Hahn and Kern [link]
11/16/18 Estimates of the Heritability of Human Longevity Are Substantially Inflated due to Assortative Mating [link]
11/9/18 “Her Joyous Enthusiasm for Her Life-Work . . .”: Early Women Authors in The American Naturalist [link]
10/19/18. Gene Regulatory Divergence Between Locally Adapted Ecotypes in Their Native Habitats [link] .
10/12/18. Cancelled. Genofest. Gary’s party  
10/05/18.  Perspective: Genomic inference using diffusion models and the allele frequency spectrum [link]  .       if you get carried away [heres a complementary paper
9/28/18.  Inferring Continuous and Discrete Population Genetic Structure Across Space [link].
9/21/18.  Coadapted genomes and selection on hybrids: Fisher’s geometric model explains a variety of empirical patterns [link].if you get carried away [heres a complementary paper]
9/14/18  Tree-sequence recording in SLiM opens new horizons for forward-time simulation of whole genomes [link]
9/7/18 Zen and deep evolution: The optical delusion of separation. 
 8/17/18. Clade diversification dynamics and the biotic and abiotic controls of speciation and extinction rates. link
8/10/18. NO PROST 😦
8/3/18. The tempo of linked selection: Rapid emergence of a heterogeneous genomic landscape during a radiation of monkeyflowers. link
7/27/18. Mito-nuclear effects uncovered in admixed populations. link
7/20/18. SLiM 2: Flexible, Interactive Forward Genetic Simulations. link
7/13/18. Ancestry of the two subgenomes of maize link
7/6/18. Haploid selection, sex ratio bias, and transitions between sex-determining systems link
6/29/18. The disappearing signal of polygenic selection in human GWAS data [paper 1 – Berg et al, paper 2- Sohail et al.]. Read one or both! heres another for the ambitious link
6/22/18. Transient structural variations have strong effects on quantitative traits and reproductive isolation in fission yeast. [link]
6/15/18. Postdoc candidate Rachel Moran. Check out her recent papers: (1) Hybridization and postzygotic isolation promote reinforcement of male mating preferences in a diverse group of fishes with traditional sex roles [link] Agonistic character displacement of genetically based male color patterns across darters [link]
6/8/18. Do plants have a segregated germline? link
6/1/18. Evidence for Selection-by-Environment but Not Genotype-by-Environment Interactions for Fitness-Related Traits in a Wild Mammal Population. link
5/25/18. Tread Lightly Interpreting Polygenic Tests of Selection. link
3/2/18. Quantitative analysis of population-scale family trees using millions of relatives. link
2/23/18. The Aquilegia genome: adaptive radiation and an extraordinarily polymorphic chromosome with a unique history link
2/16/18. Experiments on Plant Hybrids [link] and Darwin’s Influence on Mendel: Evidence from a New Translation of Mendel’s Paper  [link]
2/2/18. The Relationship Between FST and the Frequency of the Most Frequent Allele [link]
1/26/18. Coevolution of male and female mate choice can hamper speciation [link]
12/1/17. Rethinking phylogenetic comparative methods  [link]
11/17/17. The nature of nurture: effects of parental genotypes [link]

11/10/17. Variation in recombination frequency and distribution across eukaryotes: patterns and processes [link] + other paper from the special issue [ linkSPECIAL TIME – MEET AT 4:30
11/3/17. The role of chromosomal inversions in speciation [link]
10/27/17. EEB 50th anniversary celebration!
10/20/17. The microbiome beyond the horizon of ecological and evolutionary theory [link]
10/13/17. No gathering
10/6/17. Adaptation in plant genomes: bigger isn’t better, but it’s probably different [link]
9/29/17. Spontaneous mutation rate is a plastic trait associated with population density across domains of life [link]
9/22/17. Linkage disequilibrium–dependent architecture of human complex traits shows action of negative selection [link]
9/15/17. Canalization by Selection of de Novo Induced Mutations [link] [write up by harmit malik][blog]
9/8/17. Gene expression drives the evolution of dominance [link]
8/4/17. No gathering – Midwest popgen
7/29/17. No gathering – Schemskefest / SISG
7/22/17. Special Place (Finnish Bistro) Standard time (5:00 pm) A model for the genetic architecture of quantitative traits under stabilizing selection [link]
7/15/17. Special Place (Yaniv’s house) Standard time (5:00 pm) Widespread signatures of negative selection in the genetic architecture of human complex traits [link]
6/30/17. An Expanded View of Complex Traits: From Polygenic to Omnigenic [link]
6/23/17. No gathering – Evolution
6/16/17. Distinguishing among modes of convergent adaptation using population genomic data [link]
6/9/17. No gathering – Dean’s Reception.
6/2/17. Special time (4 PM) & Place (Yaniv’s House) Negative selection in humans and fruit flies involves synergistic epistasis [link]
5/26/17. A maternal-effect genetic incompatibility in Caenorhabditis elegans [link]


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(10/11/17) -- In our new paper Heath Blackmon shows that sexually antagonistic selection can lead to the breakdown of Y chromosomes by favoring inversions that cause aneuploidy.

(9/14/17) -- Postdoc Adam on the unusual S locus of Leavenworthia in New Phytologist [paper].

(9/1/17) -- (former :( ) Postdoc Heath Blackmon starts as an assistant professor at Texas A&M.

(8/30/17) -- Annual lab trip to the state fair! [pic].

(7/1/17) -- Our paper showing that self‐compatibility is over‐represented on islands is out in New Phytologist [link].

(5/1/17) -- It's fun to be the popgen / natural variation part of a team aiming to domesticate Silphium . See our master plan and rational in our Crop Science paper.

(2/6/17) -- Yaniv is Honored to be named a McKnight Land Grant Professor. Read the college announcement here.

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