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yanivpic1name: yaniv  brandvain.
academic interests: speciation . mating system evolution . genetic conflicts
extracurricular interests: squash . racquetball . beer/whiskey . basketball. square dancing
training: ba college of the atlantic 04 — phd indiana u 10 — postdoc uc davis 13 — assistant prof umn now
CV: YanivCV updated January 1st 2016
website: http://yanivbrandvain.wordpress.com/
email: ybrandvain >AT< gmail com


adamname: adam herman. [co-advised by bob stupar]
academic interests: self- incompatibility, speciation, population genomics
extracurricular interests: birding. coffeeing. dadding
training: b.s. botany, 2007. northern michigan university. phd mcgill 15 — postdoc umn now
email: aherman >AT< umn  edu


name: alison wardlaw.
academic interests: evolutionary theory. sexual selection. host parasite. fluctuating selection.
extracurricular interests: squash
training: b.sc. biology/mathematics, 2010. queens university. phd toronto 16 — postdoc umn now
email: awardlaw>AT< umn  edu



name: heath blackmon. [umn grand challenges post-doc. David Zarkower co-sponsor]

academic interests: comparative methods. sex chromosome evolution. coleoptera
extracurricular interests:
training: b.s. environmental science, 2010. oregon state university. phd ut arlington 15 — postdoc umn [w. emma golberg 15-16], now grand challenges postdoc.
CV: http://coleoguy.github.io/web.cv.pdf
website: http://coleoguy.github.io/ 
email: coleoguy >AT< gmail com

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alexname: alex harkness [co-advised by emma goldberg]
academic interests: mating system evolution, evolution of sex, evolutionary dead ends
extracurricular interests:
amateur botanizing (hortitorture), effective altruism, reading science fiction
bs u. washington 2012


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mark richardname:
mark richard
academic interests: applied mathematics, biostatistics, python
extracurricular interests:

rich1126 >AT< umn  edu


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image5911name: jill ekar
academic interests: local adaptation, speciation
extracurricular interests:

training: M.S. University of Hawaii – Hilo 2015.
email: jillekar >AT< gmali  com



Dena Grossenbacherpostdoc [2014-2015] : [currently an Assistant Professor at Cal Poly San Luis Abispo] grossenbacher lab webpage

Krzysztof Stankiewicz. undergraduate researcher [2016] : [currently a masters student at the Imperial College London in Bioinformatics and Theoretical Systems Biology]

Azira Riveraundergraduate researcher [2014-2015]

Cesar J Torres Gutierrez. summer LSSURP student [summer 2014] [see Cesar’s award winning poster]


friends / collaborators / visitors:  andrea sweigart . bob stupar . brian moore . david haig . david moelleremma goldberg . graham coop . jeremiah busch . kathleen donohue . leonie moyle . lex flagel . lila fishman .  nolan kane . peter tiffinmichael turelli . mike wade . stephen wright .

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(2/6/17) --Yaniv is Honored to be named a McKnight Land Grant Professor. Read the college announcement here.

(5/15/16) -- New postdoc, Alison Wardlaw, arrives from Toronto and heads directly to the State Fair [pic] Not shown - alison's trip to the mall of america.

(5/15/16) -- In his new paper, postdoc Adam Herman digs in to the historical action of selection on losing incompatibility in Leavenworthia [read the paper in Evolution].

(5/15/16) -- New paper with Alisa Sedghifar and Peter Ralph shows that hybrid incompatibilities should be flanked by large ancestry blocks in hybridizing populations [read the paper in Molecular Ecology].

(4/12/16) -- So proud of and happy for former postdoc, current collaborator, and friend forever, Dena Grossenbacher, who will be starting an assistant professor gig at Cal Poly San. Luis Obispo. CONGRATS DENA!