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If you are an evolutionary biologist excited to combine evolutionary theory, population genomics and/or comparative analyses looking for a postdoc opportunity with substantial independence [but much care and guidance] and an awesome set of colleagues contact yaniv brandvain [ybrandva AT umn d0t edu] about joining him in the twin cities.

The Brandvain lab at the University of Minnesota St Paul is looking to hire a postdoc. Our research focuses on speciation/diversification and the roles of mating system evolution, genetic conflicts, geographic isolation, hybridization, adaptation, and competition in generating and maintaining diversity.

The applicant is expected to work with Yaniv and other members of the lab group to develop one or more projects that complement ongoing work and interests. Ideal projects will integrate novel theory with the analysis of population genomic and comparative data.

Strong candidates would have an interest and background in >1 of the following topics — population genomics, evolutionary theory, macroevolution, or quantitative genetics. Additionally, the candidate should be prepared to extend his/her research to integrate their background with another one or two of these topics.

The most competitive applicants will have competency with computing and mathematics, a strong publication record, and creative ideas for independent research that  fit the directions of the Brandvain Lab. Collaborative projects with allied labs [e.g. Goldberg, McGaugh, Moeller, Tiffin, and others in UMN’s pbio and eeb departments] are also possible.

Start date is flexible, but in envision a rough start date of 1/1/16. The position is initially available for two years with additional renewals contingent on both performance and funding. Interested applicants should send a preliminary inquiry with CV, references, and a statement describing interests, and why you are interested to ybrandva AT umn d0t edu. I hope to maintain a diverse, enthusiastic, rigorous and supportive lab group, and competitive candidates will reflect these goals.

The successful candidate will also find financial support for related sequencing and/or experimental projects, and for travel to meetings etc.



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(2/6/17) --Yaniv is Honored to be named a McKnight Land Grant Professor. Read the college announcement here.

(5/15/16) -- New postdoc, Alison Wardlaw, arrives from Toronto and heads directly to the State Fair [pic] Not shown - alison's trip to the mall of america.

(5/15/16) -- In his new paper, postdoc Adam Herman digs in to the historical action of selection on losing incompatibility in Leavenworthia [read the paper in Evolution].

(5/15/16) -- New paper with Alisa Sedghifar and Peter Ralph shows that hybrid incompatibilities should be flanked by large ancestry blocks in hybridizing populations [read the paper in Molecular Ecology].

(4/12/16) -- So proud of and happy for former postdoc, current collaborator, and friend forever, Dena Grossenbacher, who will be starting an assistant professor gig at Cal Poly San. Luis Obispo. CONGRATS DENA!

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